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Espejo looks splendid as a millenary jewel set on the top of a high hill. The cut out figure of this fortress town can be seen attractive and mysterious from any of the routes that converge in it. Lime and stone altarpiece projecting, superb, to the four winds. Powerful magnet that attracts the gaze of the traveler, enraptured by the presence of a harmonious castle in faithful marriage with the neighboring tower of the parish, which speak of State and Church, evocative, one and the other, of the past that gave birth to such an endearing village campiñés.

The excellent geographical location of Espejo - only 33 kilometers from Cordoba, on the route of the caliphate that leads directly to the capital of the ancient Nasrid kingdom of Granada, the unique layout of its streets, imposed by the morphology of the terrain, its historical and artistic wealth and, above all, the hospitality of its people are powerful reasons to approach it and make a visit.

MIGUEL VENTURA GRACIA, Official Chronicler of Espejo

Espejo Tourist Guide

We invite you to know the emblematic places of Espejo that we have selected for you. If you wish, you can download the map with the tourist guide that will help you find your way around the streets of our town.

Church of Santa Teresa
City Hall
Casa de la Cadena
Food market
House of Antón Gómez
Arias Pay Castle
St. Bartholomew's Church
Justina Luque's House
Hermitage of Santa Rita
San Miguel Chapel
Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza Chapel
Hermitage of Santo Domingo
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