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Espejeño Products

The gastronomy of espejeña is rich and varied. A gastronomy that shares with neighboring towns the essence of the flavor of the products of a land bathed by the waters of the Guadajoz. To it, the espejeño and espejeña have known how to impregnate it with a certain originality, giving their dishes a unique flavor capable of conquering palates: "Espejo does not have to copy, it only has to look at itself".

The onion black pudding and chorizo, as famous as exquisite, are its most renowned specialties. Their popularity has far exceeded the regional and provincial limits, and these products are known even in the national market. The olive oil industry, with the elaboration of a first quality extra virgin olive oil, is another product where, in addition, this Cordovan town bases its economy. The ingredients of its cuisine, especially almonds, are used with real obsession. The confectionery, on the other hand, is another specialty in which Espejo has traditionally stood out, being the "cuajao" one of the most typical sweets of this town. In the Arab-Jewish gastronomy it had its source of inspiration.

What to do to satisfy your appetite after a long and dense day of art, history, culture...?

The best option is to stop at any of the bars and restaurants on the outskirts of the Badajoz-Granada National Highway, as it passes through Espejo, or in the interior of the town, and savor the delicious sausages that the matancero tradition of Espejo has preserved. Among them, as mentioned above, the onion black pudding and chorizo stand out, according to the traditional formula of the matanceros espejeños, whose names are an inalienable part of the gastronomic history of this corner of Cordoba.

Their descendants -Olmo, Castro, Méndez, Yépez, Jurado, Jiménez- picked up the torch to continue offering their products to the most demanding palates. These unique products, together with the rich cultural heritage that Espejo offers, make this town a point of reference in rural tourism.

Another fundamental pillar of the gastronomy of espejeña -and the economic support of this population- lies in the production of extra virgin olive oil produced in its three olive oil cooperatives: Cooperativa Olivarera "San Isidro", Sociedad Agraria de Transformación n.º 6579 and Cooperativa "Virgen de la Oliva". The visitor can approach them and acquire this precious "liquid gold", whose quality has acquired excellence. The first one still treasures in its primitive facilities original pieces -among others, stone mills in a very good state of preservation- that turn it into a true Oil Museum that is recommended to visit and to know.

It is remarkable, on the other hand, the quality of the bread. In the past, more than half a dozen "baker's ovens" (Horno Mateo, de las Pilas, Plaza, las Eras, Puerta de Lucena, el Castillo, or la Higuera) worked simultaneously in this Atalaya. The wisdom amassed over the centuries has reached intact to the present day, through the existing family bakeries. The elaboration of exquisite sweets -hojaldres, mostachones and muffins, the "pastelón" and the "regá" cake or the classic "belmontes"- are other products from these industries. Typical of its confectionery is the "cuajao", with almonds and lard. A delicacy of Arab-Jewish origin, as stated by the specialist Lola Bravo, in her book La cocina de Lola Bravo: Córdoba y Almería, an indispensable reference for those who wish to get to know another of the most conspicuous signs of identity of this town.

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